The following committees have been constituted for the welfare of the students and the all round development of the college.

Academic Committee

Convenor  :  Dr. C C Subhash Chandran

Members  :  Dr. M G Biju

                   :   Dr. N B Sreekala

Anti-Ragging Committee

Chairperson  :  Dr. C S Subhash Chandran

Convenor : Dr. M G Biju

Members  :  Dr. Biju Sukumar

                   :  Mr. Kiran Mohan

                   :  Smt. Muth S.

Lady Rep.of the Faculty  :  Ms. S. Muthu

Management Nominee    : Dr. G. Jayadevan ( Treasurer S.N.Trust)

PTA  Nominee  : Ms. Sunitha Vinod

Anti-Sexual Harasment Cell

Convenor :  Dr. N. B. Sreekala

Members :  Mr. Binoy. S.

                  :  Ms.  Biji

Calendar Committee

Convenor :  Mr Kiran Mohan M 

Members :   Sri. Varun Bose

Career Guidance & Counselling Centre


Convenor :  Smt. BHavyasree P G

Members :  Dr. N B Sreekala

                  :  Ms.  Divya. B

Computer Lab Committee

Convenor : Smt. Rani Rajeevan

Members :  Smt. Rasmi K

Discipline Committee

Convenor :  Smt. Bhavya Sree P G

Members :  Dr. C. S. Subhash Chandran

                  :  Mr. Binoy. S.

Ethic Committee

Convenor :  Smt. Nisha T V

Members :  Mr. Kiran Mohan

                  :  Mr. Binoy S

Grievance Redressal Cell

Convenor : Dr. N.B. Sreekala

Member: Dr. M G Biju

UGC GrievanceRedressalRegulations

IQAC Steering Committee

Chairperson  :   Dr. C S SUBHASH CHANDRAN (Principal)

Convenor       :    Dr. N B SREEKALA

Members       :    Dr. M G BIJU

                        :    Dr. VISHNU S

                        :    Dr. BIJU SUKUMAR

                        :    Smt. RANI RAJEEVAN

                        :    Mr. KIRAN MOHAN M

Legal Cell

Convenor :   Mr. K. G. Baiju


Library Advisory Committee


Members : ALL HOD ‘S

NAAC Accreditation Committee

Consists of all  Council Members.

1. Dr. C S SUBHASH CHANDRAN    –      Principal

2. Smt. RANI RAJEEVAN                   –      Dept. of Mathematics

3. Dr. M G BIJU                                   –     Dept. of Commerce

4. Dr. N. B. Sreekala                           –      Dept. of Chemistry

5.  Smt. BHAVYASREE P G                –      Dept. of Physics

6.  Dr. NISHA SOMARAJAN                –      Dept. of English

7. Dr. C. S. Subhash Chandran         –     Dept. of Hindi

8. Mr. Kiran Mohan  M                        –     Dept. of Malayalam

9. Post Vacant                                     –     Dept. of Statistics

10. Dr. BIJU SUKUMAR                      –     Dept. of Physical Education

11. Mr. K V SIVAPRAKSH                   –   Head Accountant                        

12. Mr. BINOY S                                   –      Teachers’ Representative

13. Smt. S. Muthu                                  –      Teachers’ Representative

NAAC Steering Committee

Convenor :    Dr. C S Subhash Chandran

Members :    All HOD’s

Planning and Purchase Committee

Convenor :  Dr. N B Sreekala

Research Committee

Convenor :   Dr. N B Sreekala

Members :     Dr. C. S. Subhash Chandran

                   :     Dr. M G Biju


Scholarship Committee

Convenor :    Smt.  Bhavyasree P G

Members :    Dr. N. B. Sreekala

                  :    Ms. Rasmi K

                  :   Ms.  Divya. B

Sports Club

Convenor :    Dr. Biju Sukumar

Member :   Dr. C. S. Subhash Chandran

Website Committee

Convenor :  Dr.Vishnu S