International Quality Assurance Cell ensure the improvement of teaching learning process. Various academic programmes are planned and implemented by the IQAC. As per the guidelines issued by the UGC for the creation of IQAC , a steering committee has been constituted:

Coordinator :  Ms. Parvathy Nand. 

Members    :   All Dept. HOD’s 

Members        :  






The college in association with the NSS Unit had contributed remarkably to the flood relief activities on August 2018. The students gave immense help and support to the flood hit areas. They collected food, medicines, sanitary napkins, dresses, bed sheets and other necessary items essential for the people in the relief camps. These items were sent to the collection centre of Kollam District and it was then sorted and distributed to various relief camps. As part of helping the flood hit areas, students from our college sought out volunteers and donors in order to provide sufficient help and support. The students volunteered themselves to collect fund for the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. Further assistance was given by the volunteers during the post flood relief activities.


The Midday meal program has been a full- fledged scheme. The Principal is the patron of the program with Ethics committee as its coordinator and synchronization of all students.  ‘POTHICHORU’: an initiative to feed poor and the needy.  ‘HUNGER FREE CAMPUS’: This programme aims at filling the belly of the college mates who comes to the college with empty stomach.


This programme is initiated to help and support with learning materials to the economically backward students.


Donating blood is a noble and vital way to help save lives. This programme is conducted in association with both NSS and NCC units of our college. There is immense participation of the students in the blood donation camps conducted during different times of the academic year. NSS received an award from Indian Medical Association, Kollam for conducting maximum blood donation camps.


Clothes and materials are collected by the students themselves volunteered for an old age home in Chathannur, Kollam District. These were then handed over to the staff members of the old age home. 6. ‘SHE CARE’: This is an initiative scheme providing sanitary napkins to girl students of our college.


A programme that is designed to beautify the college premises. This would instill love for the environment among the student community. Various cleanliness drives are conducted in collaboration with NSS and NCC unit during the academic year. World Environment Day, World Ozone Day etc. are observed with utmost importance. The World Environment Day 2018 was celebrated with the focal theme taken as “Plastic Pollution” organized by Department of Chemistry and sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

Minutes 2018-19

20 June 2018

A meeting of the IQAC was held on 20-06-2018 at 2:30pm in the Principal’s chamber.


1. Preparation of Academic calendar
2. Club Activities
3. AQAR preparation
4. Attendance Statement


1. Decided to prepare an academic calendar.
2. Decided to reconstitute various clubs and activities which are to be initiated by the respective coordinators.
3. Decided to collect data from various departments for the preparation of AQAR.
4. Monthly Attendance statement to be taken.

14 September 2018

A meeting of the IQAC was held on 14-09-2018 at 2:30pm in the Principal’s Chamber.


1. PTA meeting
2. Result Analysis
3. College website
4. Scholarships


1. PTA meetings are to be conducted at least once for each semester.
2. Decided to do result analysis of University Examinations.
3. College website to be updated.
4. Students should be provided assistance to obtain various scholarships.

05 December 2018

A meeting of thee IQAC was held on 05-12-2018 at 2:30pm in the Principal’s chamber.


1. Clean campus drive
2. Student discipline 3. Organization of seminar


1. The staff and the students are to be instructed to keep the campus clean and adopt environment friendly approaches.
2. Students are to be directed to maintain the discipline of the college.
3. Instructions need to be given to all the departments for conducting various seminars.

27 March 2019

A meeting of thee IQAC was held on 27-03-2019 at 2:30pm in the Principal’s chamber.


1. Preparation of annual report.
2. Evaluation of curricular and co curricular activities during the academic year.


1. Decided to collect annual report from each department and club coordinators.
2. It was decided to focus on students with poor academic records and monitor them closely.